If current production and waste management trends were to continue as they are, an estimated 12 BILLION TONNES of plastic waste will either be in landfills or the natural environment by the year 2050.


“Convenience does not have to cost the Earth”


Our Mission

Pacific Ridley is a company that believe a few small changes to our everyday lifestyle’s, can make a huge beneficial impact to our planet and all of its inhabitants. Pacific Ridley provides products which can be used to replace disposable plastics.

Our environment is changing, Global Warming is on the rise and our wildlife is constantly having to adapt in order to survive, all of this at the hands of Human influence, but its not too late. If we all just make a few small changes, we can each

take control over the type of impact we as individuals have on the world around us, Pacific Ridley offer the excellent quality and environmentally friendly products that enable our Customers to be able to make a small change and help our environment in the process.
Some of the small changes we here at Pacific Ridley first thought we could help implement were peoples buying habits when it comes to convenience.

Our mission is simple, we want to make our world a little greener and in order to do that, Pacific Ridley aims to educate and raise awareness about the negative impact disposable plastics have on our planet and all that inhabit it. We want to replace all disposable plastics, with sustainable, eco-friendly products, any one use disposable products we supply are 100% biodegradable and made from renewable materials.

What We want to achieve

  • Raise awareness about the dangers of disposable plastics.
  • Provide alternative solutions and products to replace disposable plastics.
  • Getting involved with Charities that help clean our Oceans and protect our wildlife from Plastic waste and debris.
  • Work our way to the number #1 choice for all alternative to plastic products.
  • Get involved with Local Charities in our Home town of Leeds, West Yorkshire!

Pacific Ridley has already come leaps and bounds from the small idea it started from, we have many more goals than what we have listed here, but our promise to you is, we will always strive to be better! and to go above and beyond! and it all starts by making a small change!

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